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Q: Why I am receiving scam calls?

It’s not because you did something wrong.
It is just because you have a phone. Scammers target everyone with a phone.
Maybe it’s in the phone book, or you typed it in an application form, or maybe none of this.
Scammers are scanning and collecting phone numbers every possible way.
It’s because they see the phone as a tool to make easy money.
You may say “I’m not that naive” – well they have to try. And they find naive people. Enough of them to make $3,500 /day on average by doing nothing but stealing money and information.
They have the money and the technology. Hardware and software are affordable nowadays.
So, you will be receiving scam calls no matter you like it or not. They don’t care if it’s day or night at your end.
Government wants to restrict unsolicited robocalls through laws.
Unfortunately, government authority is valid within the country borders only.
The problem is, scammers don’t follow regulations and don’t abide the rules.
Modern technology allows for spoofing phone numbers and make overseas calls to look like local.
Phone providers are not interested to stop scam calls for their job is to connect and to charge for that.

Should you rely on someone else to protect your phone from scam calls then?

The answer is no. All you need is independent, efficient solution like the one provided by
Get the free Reverd App.
It is more than an app, it’s a system.
Global Automatic Scam Stopper system to get rid of scam automatically powered by crowd reporting.
Users around the world report scam calls directly from their phone. It works everywhere regardless of geographic location, government or service provider.
Anti-scam Shield is available for business cloud-based phone systems.

Take control. Get rid of scam calls automatically and efficiently.

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