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Q: What if someone report intentionally a good number as scam?

Systems can be abused no matter how intelligent they are.

We have solutions for such situations:

  1. User can whitelist any blacklisted number (in her/his own device) so it will be treated as a normal call.

An example of possible scenario could be:

User #1 block the number of their “Ex” and send a complaint to the server so it will be blocked for everybody.

But for User #2 that “Ex” is actually a nice friendly person, so User #2 moves the phone number from the Blacklist to the Whitelist in her/his own device and now the Ex’s number can call her/him normally. (The Ex’s number remains backlisted and blocked for anyone else though).

  1. Removal request by the complainer (phone number with a single complainer only). Complainer must send us a removal request via our online contact form from the same IP address that the complaint was originally sent (applicable only to a phone number with a single complainer) – as described in our Posting rules page.

Q: What is my recourse if you have my pone number listed and I cannot call people anymore?

If it happens (unlikely but possible) you are still in control with the following options:

  1. In case when the reporter and the user know each other, the user could contact the person who reported the phone and negotiate a Removal request to be sent to us by the complainer as described in our Posting rules page (phone number with a single complainer only).
  2. Tell your friends and contacts to whitelist your phone number on their devices, so your number will not be blocked on their phones and will be treated as a normal call.